Royal Exclusive Protein Skimmers

Royal Exclusiv protein skimmers are the longest standing name in the aquarium industry. They have a well deserved place at the top of the wish list of most hobbyists due to their amazing construction, elite performance, and exceptional customer service. Features that set them apart things such as saltwater resistant titanium screws to help prevent rusting, parabolic rubber feet for smooth and quiet operation, and pumps that are especially designed to resist the corrosive nature of saltwater. When you purchase a Royal Exclusiv skimmer you are getting an amazing company behind it as well as unmatched performance. To see how Royal Exclusiv protein skimmers compare to the competition, visit our Protein Skimmer Power Rankings page.
Royal Exclusiv Protein Skimmers are such a vital part of successful reef-keeping because they remove dissolved organic compounds from your tank. These are particles that are too small to be trapped by any other type of filtration that can lead to high nitrate levels in your tank. Another benefit of protein skimmers is they remove pheromones from your aquarium which can lead to stressed tank members. For more information on how a good protein skimmer can help you please refer to our Reef Info section.
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