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Simply sign-up now to start earning points towards your next purchase. One bonus of OUR Rewards Program is you can start saving right away and continue to use the Coupon Code below when you are enrolled in our Rewards Program. If you have any questions please contact us at

You can continue to use the Save15Now Coupon Code for $15 off every time you make a purchase at as an existing customer. No need to wait around on a Rewards Program every time you want to make a purchase. Buy = Save, it's that simple.

This is just our way of saying Thank You to those who joined our Rewards Program.

If you shop with us regularly here's how to build bigger discounts. Whenever you log into your Rewards Account at to make a purchase, just log into your account when you access the site and we will add that purchase total to your Rewards Account. Once you have accumulated 500 points or more (1 point per dollar spent), we will email you a unique one time use Coupon Code that you can use towards your next purchase of $149 or more at (continue reading below).

Here's How Points Are Calculated: 

We will automatically send your one time use coupon code once you hit 500 points.

If you do not wish to use your code, and want to gather more points for a bigger discount, you can roll your points over to the next purchase. Every time you accrue another 250 points, we will email you a new Coupon Code for the next highest amount that's applicable to your order and the previous code will be canceled.

Keep in mind the below amounts are also after you have used Save15Now has been redeemed for $15 to save right away. This means that our Rewards Program tends to offer much larger discounts.

  • 500 points redeems for a 5% Savings Code
  • 700 points redeems for a 7% Savings Code
  • 1000+ points redeems for a 10% Savings Code

When you reach 1000 Points the percentage discount reaches its maximum. At this point you will then begin rebuilding again at 0 Points to reach the same increments for more coupon codes. This usually results in much larger discounts over the course of time when compared to some dollar based Rewards Programs.

Your coupon codes can be transferred. Each code is a one time use code that is generated by our system, if you lose the code we have no way of replacing so please make sure you don't lose it. Rewards Codes expire 1-year after they are issued. Codes are issued no sooner than 1 week after the return date has passed.

At this is our way of saying Thank You to all of our loyal customers, and the new customers which they bring to the Family.

Thank You Staff

(**you must register an email to earn Reward Program Coupon Codes**)

Nyos, Ecotech and Aqua Illumination:

  • Based on the manufacturers guidelines set for all authorized retailers, Neptune Systems, Nyos, Ecotech, and Aqua Illumination products are excluded from any rewards program.
  • All Neptune Systems controllers, Nyos Skimmers, Ecotech LED Lights and Aqual Illumination LED Light orders will automatically be upgraded to Free Expedited Shipping. You will typically receive your order within 3 or less business days.
  • Based on the manufacturers guidelines set for all stores, Reward Points may not be used to purchase Nyos, Ecotech or Aqua Illumination products.
  • If any Ecotech, AI or Nyos product you purchase from us goes on sale at within 45 days of your purchase date, we will notify you and refund you the difference.
  • If you have any warranty issues with the Ecotech LED, AI LED, or Nyos Skimmer you purchase, you can contact us or the manufacturer.
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