Calcium and Kalkwasser Reactors

Calcium Reactors are a must have for any serious reef aquarium owner. The way they work is by housing a media called aragonite that "melts" once the desired pH inside of the reactor is reached. This media then drips back into your system to maintain proper calcium and alkalinity levels. Most people also use magnesium media to maintain magnesium levels as well. Calcium Reactors are highly effective and go a long way to helping replicate the environment of nearly any living reef. We highly recommend a pH monitor if you are going to purchase a Calcium Reactor. These safeguards maintain the pH inside of the reactor and shut your CO2 down should the desired pH level get too high or too low. On average a good reactor package will run about what a year of dosing additives do in our experience. For more information on Calcium Reactors please refer to our Reef Info section. 

A good deal of people usually disregard Calcium Reactors, thinking they will be too technical, that is completely wrong. Calcium Reactors are extremely easy to set up and are basically self sustaining. They make 2-part dosing obsolete and can actually save you money in the long run. Should you have any questions don't hesitate to email us

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