ATOs and Reservoirs

ATO Units and Reservoirs should be a necessity for every tank. ATO stands for Automatic Top Off. The way they work is by using an optical sensor that detects the water level in your sump. Once the water has reached a certain level the ATO unit will siphon fresh RO/DI water stored in your ATO Reservoir and replenish the water that has evaporated from your tank. These small, relatively inexpensive devices are more than worth the investment to help safeguard your tank parameters. Without topping off your tank fresh RO/DI water the salinity begins to steadily rise and could potentially reach harmful levels. We only carry the top brands such as XPAqua, Neptune Systems, Trigger and Pro Clear. Should you have any questions you can all or email us at
**We strongly recommend the use of a professionally made ATO Reservoir. They are constructed extremely well to help prevent any contaminants from getting in your tank**


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