Aquarium Refugiums & Sumps


We began specializing in Sumps and Refugiums over 20 years ago. From there we branched into studying (and selling) other products such as lights, protein skimmers, reactors, pumps, and much more. Over the last decade, we have extensively tested every piece of equipment that we carry. We have one of the most knowledgeable teams in the world. We have built such great relationships with all of our suppliers that we can even get you a custom-made sump in almost any brand. Contact us at for further details.

When it comes to choosing a Refugium or Sump we always tell people the biggest you can fit in the area you have to work with. Doing this will allow extra room to grow the amount of filtration you have for your tank. Calcium Reactors, Media Reactors, Protein Skimmers, UV Sterilizers, etc can all be great additions to almost any aquarium. Another very nice benefit of the additional space is in case you decide to utilize natural filtration, such as macroalgae. A larger sump will give you a greater amount of space to fit more natural media. To read more about Sumps/Refugiums, and their many other benefits, refer to our Reef Info section. Thank You.


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