Monitors & Controllers


An Aquarium Monitor or Controller is a must have piece of equipment for any serious reef hobbyist. These pieces of equipment cost only a fraction of what most of us have invested in our tanks, and they are well worth the investment. When hooked to your tank they can feed information to you so that you know if there are any issues with your tank. These devices have saved probably millions of dollars in life when it comes to safeguarding a tank and giving the tank owner insights into what their tank is doing. While they may not be able to STOP something from happening to your tank, they can most of the time make sure you are aware if any of your parameters should become out of wack. The parameters most of them check for in your tank are, Ammonia, Nitrate, Temperature, pH, salinity, and more. Some of the monitors in todays market can be utilized to control pieces of equipment such as pumps, reactors, lights, and heaters. For further questions feel free to Contact Us.


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