Aquarium Lighting


Aquarium Lighting is one of our other specialities. We took our 5 Top selling brands and decided to stand behind them. We believe in selling the best brands, not the most brands. Whether you're searching for T5s, Metal Halides, or LEDs, we've got you covered. All the lights we carry have repeatedly been tested on various reef tank conditions. Ease of use, customer service, and performance are the 3 largest factors that we look for in any brand that we carry. Click any brand below to see different models, choose accessories, select mounting options, or learn more about each company. If you have any questions about the lighting needs of your tank, please email us at or refer to our Reef Info Section. Thank You.

"Please select Ecotech Marine to see why it is HANDS DOWN our favorite LED light in the aquarium industry. And I don't see that changing anytime soon. Jon"
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