Aquarium Circulation Pumps

When it comes to selecting a return pump for your aquarium the common rule of thumb is usually want between 10 to 15 times your total tank volume ever hour. So if you have a 125 gallon aquarium you would want a pump that does 1250 GPH (gallons per hour) up to 1875 GPH. Having sufficient water movement not only prevents unwanted fish waste and food from accumulating it also can keep algae from growing on more sensitive tank inhabitants such as SPS coral, and aerates the water to provide a much healthier environment for your reef members.

We currently carry AquaMaxx, Simplicity, Ecotech Marine, Maxspect, Reef Octopus, Rossmont, Royal Exclusiv, and Sicce brands. If you do not see a specific model or brand of pump you are looking for please contact us. Every brand that we carry has gone through extensive testing here at the store level to ensure worry free use. We listened to dozens of customer reviews based on overall experience of performance and reliability. If you have any questions about the water movement needs of your tank, please email us at Or refer to our Reef Info Section. Thank You

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