Aiptasia Removal

Removing Unwanted Pesky Aiptasia

Aiptasia removal is something that should be "left to the pros" - which in this case is filefish or Peppermint Shrimp. There are a ton of other methods on that market, that we found at best to useless. The truth is most of the time using chemicals just ends up creating an endless problem when it comes to Aiptasia. When the Aiptasia is squirted with these chemicals they close up in order to cover their base. Sometimes the Aiptasia can have more baby Aiptasia at it's base also known as "pedals". These pedals then float away from the base and create even more Aiptasia. The best methods for Aiptasia Control, and we that term loosely, are Peppermint Shrimp. There is NO WAY to eradicate your tank of Aiptasia, but you can control the outbreaks. There is also virtually no way to stop your tank from getting Aiptasia, so don't get upset at the last place you bought corals or live rock from. Aiptasia in a tank is just as common as water in your tank. 

When you are searching for Peppermint Shrimp you want to make sure to purchase Lysmata Wurdemanni (picture) and NOT Lysmata Rathbunae . You can tell the difference by look at the tails. Lysmata Rathbunae will have darker almost tails while Lysmata Wurdemanni will have transparent red and white tails that have the same coloration pattern as their body. Wurdemanni is really the only true form of Aiptasia Control, as long as you purchase the correct ones.

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