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AquariumSumps.com was started in 1997 by a group of guys from Maryland that have since relocated the shop to Colorado. The company changed names and owners, but the philosophy never did. We have always been about selling top of the line aquarium products to everyone from the novice hobbyist to the most advanced reefkeeper. We even deal with aquaculture facilities and public aquariums around the world. We are your number one source when it comes to custom acrylic aquariums or custom sumps that you may need. If a product has an issue with shipping, construction, or even over 2% negative reviews, we will not sell it, regardless of profit.

Our goal at AquariumSumps.com has always been to maintain a smaller shop that focuses on the best products, that we test dozens of times a year, that we trust most, that our customers can trust most. We know that we could get more sales by offering more products, but we wanted this site to be about carrying the best products, not the most products. We are going for clarity and not confusion. You can be sure that any purchase made from our site comes with an outstanding company behind it that has been offering consumers years of reliable products and amazing performance. Should you have any questions you can reach out to us through our Contact Us page.

At AquariumSumps.com you will see that we put extraordinary emphasis on helping to ensure every tank remains happy and healthy to provide years of viewing pleasure - we are hands down one of the top aquarium product retailers on the planet. We're open from 8:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. 7-Days a week, so we practically never close. If we don't answer right away, we try to respond to any and all inquiries within 24-hours. We know that when you ask a question, you want an answer without having to wait DAYS because like us, you cherish your aquariums. 

We know that people have a choice where to buy, and we want to be that choice by earning it. After over 20 years in business, we still love watching others' tanks grow. Seeing our fellow hobbyists add new and exciting things to their tanks, and knowing that we played a role in contributing to the success that each reef keeper who shops with us has, is the main reason we are here.  We love swapping stories and pictures of tanks. Please let us know if we have permission to use your tank photos for our site. Reefs are what we love, what we know, and what we can't get enough of.

The Team Members at AquariumSumps.com are Turner is the Wholesale and Online Manager, Sarah is in charge of Online Maintenance, Jon is the Store Manager/Owner, and Andrew is Accounting and Customer Support. When you contact us you may get any of the employees here, but we will all be familiar with who you are if you have shopped with us before. Should you have any questions at all don't hesitate to contact us 

3578 Hartsel Drive #E417
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 400-8134 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. M.S.T 7-Days a week. Call, Text or email

We are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. When our little store achieved a certain level of notoriety, we began getting individuals in the store that took exception to our success; we were advertising all over the world. When we realized we could not 100% deter people from vandalizing the store, we went to by appointment only. After losing our system of 55 tanks for the 3rd time, and hundreds of fish, thousands of corals, we simply believe this to be the safest alternative. Should you wish to make a purchase please contact us.

If you would prefer to email us please click HERE for our Contact Us page.

A short message from Jon – AquariumSumps.com Owner.

"We get to work in the aquarium industry. The things that people practically drool over and dream about, we get to handle on a daily basis. Too many companies these days have employees that see their job as a paycheck and they don't even want to be there. The family members who work here, they recognize how lucky they are, getting to do something they're passionate about, that they truly love. Because of that, the newest employee we have has been here for 11 years.  

Everything we get to do and contribute is because our fellow reefers decided to come here. Without you trying us out and letting us give you a reason to return, our doors would close. The greatest thing in the industry is when someone comes back or we hear they heard about us from a friend, because we know we're succeeding. This makes the people who shop here just as good as family, and you take care of family. 

I'm truly grateful for the years of business that people have given us. We'll never be the biggest, we might not be the cheapest, and our shop isn't the prettiest, so the only thing we can strive to be is the best. Sometimes it feels like we're the only place standing anymore that doesn't just want your money. And if we go broke because we worry about loyalty and integrity more than money, at least we'll be wet doing it.

If you should ever have any concerns or not get treated with the utmost respect, contact me - contact@aquariumsumps.com

Thank You, Jon" 

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